Shakira (Aged 47) Hits Out at Ex After He Ends 11 Year Relationship for New 23 Year Old Girlfriend

Shakira has hit out at ex Gerard Pique’s new girlfriend Clara Chia in a new searingly honest interview and revealed how she has ‘strengthened’ from their split.

The hitmaker, 47, admitted that she ‘bought into the story that a woman needed a man to be complete’ but has now realised she can be ‘self-sufficient.’

Former Barcelona player Gerard, 36, split from Shakira in June 2022 after 11 years together and went Instagram official with 23-year-old Clara last month. Shakira allegedly realised her ex had been unfaithful when she discovered a jar of strawberry jam had been eaten while she was away.

Shakira went on to reveal she now has ‘more confidence’ in herself and has become a ‘lioness’ for her two children Sasha, seven, and Milan, ten. She detailed: ‘I bought that story, that a woman needed a man to complete herself. I also had that dream of a family where the children had a mum and dad under the same roof.

‘You don’t achieve all your dreams in life but life has a way of compensating you and I think life has certainly done it with me with the marvellous two children I have who fill me with love every day. I’ve always been emotionally quite dependant on men, I’ve fallen in love with love, and I think I’ve been able to understand that story from another perspective and today I am sufficient on my own.’

‘When a woman has to face life’s battles she comes out stronger,’ the singer added. ‘Now paradoxically I feel complete because I depend on myself and I have two children who depend on me and that means I have to be stronger than a lioness. That strength comes out of experiencing a painful loss, of accepting it, of tolerating a frustration, of understanding that life doesn’t always bring us what we want. There are dreams that are broken and you have to pick up the little pieces from the ground and put yourself together again, and also be an example to my children.’

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