Sharjah: 7-Year-Old Child Dies After Being Forgotten Inside Car

A 7-year-old boy died inside a car in Sharjah after the student was left inside by an unlicensed driver, according to the Sharjah Police.

The authority received the report of the incident on Tuesday afternoon. The child, who was of Asian nationality, was left in the car parked outside the school since morning. His parents had contracted a female driver to transport their child to and from the school.

After reaching the school, everyone got off except the boy. The driver locked the door without checking if anyone was still inside. She then left with her husband.

When it was time for students to return home, the child was found dead in the car.

The authority warned residents against sending students to school with unlicensed drivers. Parents have been urged to use designated school buses to transport children, which are equipped with all security and safety measures and are subject to continuous monitoring by the responsible authorities.

Alternatively, parents can personally transport their children to school, as they could best ensure their safety.


Khaleej Times

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