Sharjah: More Than 400 Social Media Accounts Hacked In 6 Months

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 As many as 434 hacked social media accounts were recovered by the Cybercrime section at the Criminal Investigation Department of Sharjah Police during the six months of 2019, Sharjah Police have disclosed.

Residents who have their social media accounts hacked can complain to Sharjah Police via the e-crime website or directly to enable the police to recover them, an official said.

Alerting social media users about the possibility of their accounts being hacked, especially WhatsApp, the Sharjah Police said the accounts are exploited by hackers for personal purposes, so due awareness and quick reporting of any incidence of hacking is essential for the Cybercrime section in the CID to take necessary action.

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Brigadier Ibraheim Al Ajel, director of the criminal and investigation department at Sharjah Police, said residents whose WhatsApp accounts are hacked can receive immediate technical support by contacting the police platform from the comfort of their own homes.

Apart from WhatsApp accounts, the 434 hacked accounts recovered also included Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat, he said and urged residents to be careful while dealing with strangers online and never exchange personal information with them.


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