Sharjah Opens 30 New Mosques For Holy Month Of Ramadan

new mosques in sharjah
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The Department of Islamic Affairs has opened as many as 30 new mosques in Sharjah on the day one of Ramadan. The mosques – designed in various architectural styles – have come up in different regions of the emirate.

The mosques have been constructed as part of the department’s plan to receive and facilitate worshippers during the holy month and Eid. The new mosques have been opened considering that the number of mosque-goers would increase during the holy period.

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The number of worshippers went up usually during Taraweeh and Tahjud prayers performed in the last 10 days of the holy month. “All the new mosques are equipped with new carpets, ACs and parking spaces, as per the plans,” said Al Khayal of Department of Islamic Affairs in Sharjah.

Most of the mosques in Sharjah host free Iftar provided by philanthropists, charity organizations or private institutions for workers, bachelors and poor families, Al Khayal added.

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