Sharjah: Student Punished To Walk Barefoot All Day In Heat

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A supervisor at a private school in Sharjah has been charged by the public prosecution with exposing the life of a Grade 8 student to danger by forcing him to walk barefoot around the school premises all day. She punished the boy for wearing coloured shoes that flouted the school dress code.

The supervisor’s action caused the student to injure his foot and violated his dignity while impacting him psychologically as well. It also affected his studies as the student refused to attend school for 10 days after the incident.

According to public prosecution record, the incident occurred on May 10 this year.

The student’s parents accused the supervisor of humiliating their child and insulting him before his classmates and even forcing him to go to the bus barefoot despite the scorching heat. The student repeatedly begged the supervisor to give his shoes back, but she didn’t until the bus driver intervened and took the shoes from her.

A school official said the management formed a committee, headed by the principal, to probe into the incident and quizzed the students and the supervisor. After a detailed investigation, the committee condemned the supervisor’s high-handedness against the student, he said.

He added that the student had approached him and complained about the supervisor stating that she had taken his shoes and made him walk barefoot around the school. The official said he advised the student to consider the supervisor as his elder sister, speak to her politely and settle the issue. However, he pointed out, the accused got upset and didn’t like him to intervene and complained it to the principal. She said her job was to teach the student a lesson.

The principal told the police that the accused was not under her supervision and didn’t follow her instructions. She added that when she learned about the issue, she immediately took punitive administration measures against the supervisor.

The prosecution referred the accused to the Sharjah Federal Court of First Instance which postponed the case to allow the accused to appear in the court.


Source Credit: Khaleej Times


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