Sharjah To Change Rules for Single People Living in Residential Areas

Sharjah will tighten rules on single people living in residential neighbourhoods, following a government review.

The emirate’s Executive Council met on Tuesday to discuss a number of topics related to the conduct of government work in the emirate, the development of services, and the follow-up of development projects in different sectors.

The Council reviewed a report on singles’ housing in residential neighbourhoods in cities and regions in the emirate, which included the current status of the legislative structure regulating housing in neighbourhoods, singles’ housing social, economic and security impacts.

The Council said it would tighten regulations on single people living in residential neighbourhoods while working to prepare modern legislation that keeps pace with changes in different types of housing.

At the same meeting, the Council reviewed a report by Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority on the increasing demand for natural areas in the emirate’s cities and regions for tourism and recreational purposes.

The Council appreciated the efforts of government agencies in promoting eco-tourism, calling on visitors to natural areas to preserve the environment and its natural resources, thus contributing to their sustainability for future generations.


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