Shocking! This couple forgot their 3-yr-old kid at Dubai Airport

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Passengers often leave behind their luggage at airports, railway stations, bus stands, but it is rare for someone to forget their child. In a shocking incident, parents of a three-year-old child forgot her at the airport and realised it only when they got a call from the airport security department.

The incident is reported from Dubai, where authorities of Dubai International Airport called the father of the child to collect his daughter from the airport.

As per the report by, the couple was informed about the girl when they had almost reached their home in Al Ain.

Brig Ali Ateeq bin Lahej, the director of airport security department of the Dubai Police said that the parents didn’t notice that their child was missing until the police called them and told about her.

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As per the report, the couple and the child landed at the airport with their extended family members. The family took two vehicles to reach Al Ain, which apparently created the confusion. The man told the cops that since there was a big family, they had taken two cars to go to Al Ain city, and he was under the impression that his daughter was in the second vehicle.

The authorities called the man told him to collect his daughter from the airport. The director of airport security department said that the officers found the child in Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport. They used cameras to identify her family. Laters, the authorities got the contact details of her father and called him.

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The family came after three hours to collect the child. Till then the police took care of the girl and ensured she did not feel alone. After being reunited with the child, the family thanked the police for their gesture and left the airport.

Source Credit: Financial Express


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