Shocking New Video Shows ATACMS Bomblets Raining Down On Russian Beachgoers

Unbelievable new footage has emerged of the Sunday Ukrainian missile strike on a busy Sevastopol, Crimea beach as tourists were lounging in the sun. 

Russian authorities said that a missile launched from a US-supplied MGM-140 ATACMS system by Ukrainian forces exploded overhead and released bomblets across the area – in the water and on land – killing five and injuring 124 people, including children. The CCTV footage captures the moment when the missile’s submunitions rain down over the crowded beach, appearing to confirm Russia’s allegation that a cluster bomb warhead was used. Watch:

Hundreds of people can be seen fleeing for their lives, and some are still in the water, when the bomblets start to impact both the water and the beach. One bomblet is seen almost scoring a direct hit on the lifeguard stand.

“According to latest reports, as a result of the shelling attack on Sevastopol by Ukrainian nationalists, 124 people, including 27 children, received wounds or injuries,” Russian health minister Alexey Kuznetsov had announced.

Newsweek summarizes of Crimean official statements of the deadly attack:

The event was caused by Russian air defenses shooting down a series of cluster warhead missiles, one of which altered course as a result. The Russian ministry of defense said that four out of the five missiles launched were shot down, adding: “Another missile, as a result of the impact of air defense systems at the final stage, deviated from the flight path with the warhead exploding in the air over the city.”

“The detonation of the fragmentation warhead of the fifth American missile in the air led to numerous casualties among civilians in Sevastopol.”

A Kremlin spokesman subsequently laid blame squarely on Washington: “The involvement of the United States, the direct involvement, as a result of which Russian civilians are killed, cannot be without consequences.”

Mikhail Podoliak, a Ukrainian presidential spokesman downplayed the mass casualty event, saying that “civilian occupiers” should know better than to vacation on the Crimean peninsula, which Ukraine claims as its own.

Commenting on the incident, Ron Paul has pointed out of Moscow, “They can’t not respond” at this moment of ultra-dangerous escalation.

“What’s Russia going to do about this?” Paul asked in his latest Liberty Report. “Are they going to twiddle their thumbs and walk away? They might – for a day or two – ponder it, but there will be something that they’re going to do.”


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