Six On Trial In Bahrain For Kidnap, Torture Of Man Over BD500 Debt

The trial of six individuals accused of kidnapping and torturing another person over a BD500 debt has been adjourned until October 3 to allow for the presentation of their defence arguments.

Additionally, the High Criminal Court has issued an order for the dismissal of charges against the fourth and fifth defendants in the case.

The arrests of these suspects came about as a result of an investigation prompted by a complaint filed by the victim’s wife.

She reported receiving a threatening video call from the defendants while she was in their home country.

During this call, the defendants demanded a ransom of BD1,400 for the victim’s release, under the threat of harm or even death if their demands were not met.

Alarmed by the distressing situation, the woman promptly sought assistance from her brother, who subsequently filed a formal complaint with the police.

As the investigation commenced, the defendants, fearing police action, released the victim swiftly and transported him to Riffa.

They also communicated to the victim their willingness to waive the debt in exchange for his agreement not to pursue any legal action against them.


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