Six Saudis Detained in Florida Shooting Probe

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Six Saudi nationals on Friday were detained for questioning in connection with the mass shooting carried out at the naval air station in Pensacola, Florida which left four people dead, including the assailant himself.

Federal investigators have not disclosed any motive behind the attack, which unfolded at dawn on Friday when the Saudi national is said to have begun firing a handgun inside a classroom at the Naval Air Station Pensacola. Three people were killed in the incident. Two sheriff’s deputies were injured before one of the deputies killed the assailant. Eight others were also hurt.

Saudi officials stressed that such attacks do not reflect the values of the Saudi people.

One of the three detainees recorded video outside the classroom building while the shooting was taking place. Two other Saudi students watched from a car, as reported.

The authorities were investigating whether the attack was terrorism-related.

The FBI identified the shooter in a statement Saturday night as Mohammed Alshamrani, 21. Investigators said he was a 2nd Lt. in the Royal Saudi Air Force and was a student naval flight officer of Naval Aviation Schools Command.

FBI is examining social media posts and investigating whether he acted alone or was connected to any broader group.


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