Slippery Slope of reporting terrorism

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Muhannad Sulaiman, the head of Bahrain News Agency (BNA), believes the media has a responsibility to stifle the voices of terrorists by not giving them a platform to air their views. In terrorism cases, the media has to make sure that they are not publishing any kind of propaganda, no matter how small it is, for those who perpetrated the attacks, he added. “Reporters should be well trained on how to draft a story that is not remotely sympathetic to terrorists or their supporters or sponsors. Editors should be able to read both the surface structure and the deep structure of international reports to make sure there are no loaded words or malign terms that, intentionally or unintentionally, glorify or praise terrorism, terrorists or terror groups.”

Lebanon National News Agency Director, Laure Sulaiman Sa’ab said “This is especially so given that many media outlets compete for direct transmission of terrorism-related events to score a scoop and increase their number of readers and viewers, all at the expense of moral values and humanity”.

She emphatically said that “The media should never accept to speak on their behalf, even if it means losing a so-called scoop. Media can be a double-edged sword as it can also give terrorists the media aura that they do not deserve”. 





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