Smart Gas Technology

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The oil and gas sector is fraught with occupational hazards but young inventor  Tasneem Yousif was able to conceptualize a new technology that can change all of that.

Engineer Tasneem Mohammed Yousif currently works as a Senior System Engineer at the BENEFIT Company in Bahrain. She holds a patent for her invention ROBODEM, as well as winning several local and international awards such as the GITEX Student Lab, Imagine Cup, MIT Arab Enterprise, and Youth for Change competitions.

Tell us about the Smart Gas System and what inspired you to create it?

Smart Gas System SGS is an intelligent system that can detect different kind of explosive gases remotely using Web based system or mobile applications. My invention was a senior project and after graduation I decided to develop it as my business career. I always had a passion for technology and engineering solutions and this for me was a way to prevent errors and save lives.

What are the applications of your Smart Gas system in the Middle East and how will this system make people’s lives easier?

Oil, gas and petroleum companies need a safe environment for its critical working. Health and safety awareness is so essential for all workers and technicians who are working in those companies. My solution is a creative cost-effective and scalable solution for health and safety environment to employees and employers on site.

Has a prototype been developed and will you be able to sell your designs to companies in the GCC?

Yes, the hardware and software in terms of the functions and systems has been developed. Only the mechanical design part is remaining. I hope that by the end of this year, we will be ready to start manufacturing and selling our robots globally.

Why do you think Bahrain needs more inventors like yourself?

I believe that education and improving the scientific sectors at any country will lead the country to the top of the world. I state that countries should empower the inventors and support youth in order to help them to turn their ideas to become real products that can help society.


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