SMS scam in Bahrain

Messages are being sent by fraudsters asking to call back to process bank applications.
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The public is being warned over SMS messages being sent to them by fraudsters imitating the authorities. Text messages are being sent to citizens and residents by fraudsters who are claiming to be Bahraini security authorities. The fraudsters are sending messages to the public about bank transactions claiming to be from the Crime Investigation Department.

The public is warned to be on alert and not to be scammed by such fraudsters. Text messages are sent by fraudsters, claiming to be official security authorities, requesting to call them back to process their bank applications. Such scam messages are not to be dealt with and senders should not be provided with any bank and personal details.

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This comes after the Central Bank of Bahrain made a similar warning about fraudsters claiming to be bank officials. Citizens and residents in Bahrain are being targeted with SMS and phone calls from a fraudulent financial institution in an attempt to bamboozle them. An unlicensed financial institution that markets investment in securities in the Kingdom has targeted people through short-messaging services (SMS), telephone calls and websites.


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