How Social Apps Can Boost Your Business

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Social media is no longer just a means of communicating with your friends or family; it’s an amazing asset in the palm of your hand that can revolutionize the way your business works. As of August 2017 there were over 3 billion active users across all of the social apps and channels.

If you’re operating a small business then finding ways to tap into this gold mine is an absolute must if you plan on being successful. Of course you’ll need to have a social presence yourself so creating Facebook pages and running a Twitter account is a necessity. On top of that though there are social app developers who are designing social apps for the sole purpose of improving the way you interact with other social users and potential customers.

And it’s not just dedicated social apps for businesses that you can capitalize on. Communication giants like WhatsApp are well aware of the instrumental role they can play in the business industry. They’re currently rolling on a beta version of WhatsApp for businesses; allowing you to establish yourself as a separate entity from regular friends chatting to each other.

So what social apps should you look out for?

  •      Analytiks

Analytiks is a fantastic social app which is designed for businesses to gather insights from a vast array of different social media channels. This includes sources such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and many more. You can even break down the data even more to determine desktop traffic vs mobile traffic. Having this information at your fingertips is invaluable at making decisions and figuring out your best routes into interacting with users.

  •        Canva
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This gem is a must-have app for any business who wants to create engaging content for social apps and media networks. It beautifully and simply gives you the tools at your fingertips to produce stunning imagery based on your needs. You can create projects or base your design on a particular need. For example you could select e-books, blog posts or status update, and the app will help you design a stunning and engaging way of getting social app users interacting with your message.

  •  Planoly

Planoly is designed for anyone who uses Instagram and requires a way of organizing your feed. It acts as a way of planning and scheduling to reduce time wasted on a daily basis. You can plan out your feed days, weeks or even months in advance and then set up specific times for your content to be posted onto the social app. You’ll receive notifications to remind you when a new post is due to go out and you can preview how everything will look on Instagram.

  •         Mention
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If you spend an unprecedented amount of time trying to find out if you or your brand has been mentioned somewhere throughout social apps then this is the perfect solution. It offers real-time notifications the moment you get mentioned anywhere and allows you to respond immediately. Engaging with users is a great way to improve the visibility of your brand and Mention allows you to do this easily. It even boasts features which allow you to receive insights which are genuinely useful for you so if it isn’t valuable, you don’t need to waste your time with it.

There are of course hundreds of social apps designed for businesses to take advantage of the ever-growing user base that is connecting to social media networks, but the ones mentioned above are definitely useful for a small business trying to create a brand that is noticed among the noise.

Social apps are continually improving and adding new features; so the sooner your business begins to capitalize on the tools available to you, the sooner you’ll be able to notice significant changes in growth and visibility online.

Guest post by Michael Kordvani, who often writes about exciting new technologies. 



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