South Korea: Woman Drowns After Jumping Into a River To See if Her Dog Would Save Her

A woman has drowned after jumping into a South Korean river to see if her dog would save her. The unnamed woman, aged 46, was walking with friends near the Hongcheon River in the Gangwon Province early on Saturday, July 1 when she entered the water.

Rapid currents swept her away and she was reported missing at around 6:36 am. Police and fire authorities rushed to the scene, with 30 rescuers who used helicopters, boats and drones in an attempt to find her. 

Tragically she was found dead later that day about half a mile downstream under the  Palbong Bridge. The woman was reportedly camping by the river with three friends and her dog when they jumped into the water to see if ‘a dog will help if a person gets into a dangerous situation’. The police are investigating the incident and have reportedly questioned the three people she was with at the time, according to local media. 

Earlier this year an 81-year-old man was saved from drowning by his dog after his wheelchair slid down a grass embankment and into a lake. Harry Smith, from Port St. Lucie, Florida, was walking his nine-year-old beagle mix, Sarah, in his neighbourhood last week when his electric wheelchair lost traction and slid down a bank, causing him to flip into the water. The dog sensed something was wrong and started barking loudly, attracting the attention of passersby to come to Mr Smith’s assistance.


Daily Mail
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