Spaniards in UAE say big no to dividing Spain

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Many Spaniards living in the UAE have strongly objected to Catalonia’s move to declare independence from Spain. Diego Martinez from Dubai said the incidents in Catalonia on October 1 made him feel extremely sad. “It is hard to see when your country becomes a trending topic in all the social media because of these riots.”

He said the referendum should have been held according to the law and the constitution, under the supervision of the Spanish government and with participation of the whole country, “because the independence of one part of Spain involves and affects all of us.”

“I always believed that Spain was a gifted country, accommodating many diverse people, culture, languages, gastronomy, and above all that peculiar bubbly effect that characterised Spanish people wherever they go. Having said that, I do not conceive a dismembered Spain, separating our regions and creating retrograde land divisions. Our unity makes our strength. Our unity makes our Spain,” noted Montserrat Martin, another expat.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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