Splurge on Your Business: An Interview with Qreative Design’s Mohamed Alqari

Qreative Design’s Principle Architect and Interior Designer, Mohamed Alqari is a solopreneur who believes in making bold moves. Read his take on setting up a business, dealing with failures, and delivering unique experiences through his brand.

What was the best ever lesson in leadership you’ve learned?

No matter how big the failure is, it’s going to be followed by a bigger success. Whatever the failure May cost you, whether it’s time, energy, or money, it is an investment in yourself!

What was the greatest challenge you faced while setting up your business?

Wearing multiple hats. Being a 9 to 5 employee in a design department, my work was focused on my field. Even though I was exposed to various disciplines, I wasn’t responsible for making decisions that didn’t pertain to my field. For example, accounting, investments, HR, and other parts were all taken care of. Jumping from that to a solopreneur initially, it was a bit overwhelming to make all those decisions by myself.

To date, what has been your proudest moment as the founder of qreative design?

To be selected as one of the top 20 interior designers by the NYC journal.

Speaking honestly, what do you consider are the Major difficulties about the industry you’re in?

Design awareness in our region is still developing. Making expensive selections for my projects requires an enormous appreciation for art and design by my clients. I’m blessed with clients who appreciate our world. However, most people in our region do not feel comfortable investing in the look and feel of their homes. Investing in your home Will change how you look at things in general, resulting in how you approach everything outside your home. I guarantee that!

What according to you are the Key qualities or skills that every leader should possess in order to thrive?

Patience and making bold moves. If you want to be a successful leader, there’s no space for fear and hesitation. No matter how scared you are, do it anyway! If you fail, it’s a lesson for you moving forward.

Can you describe a difficult business decision you had to make and how did you handle it?

I was hiring a celebrity business coach from New York who was way above my budget. At the time, I wasn’t making enough money to afford her services. She promised me that hiring her would double my income after a year. I’m proud to say that she quadrupled my income in less than a year and changed my whole business model and client experience.

Is there a particular saying or motto that guides you?

Design-wise: Simple and chic

Business-wise: Splurge on your business. Every penny is an investment!

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