Sports: Bahrain Tops World Mixed Martial Arts Ranking

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The Kingdom of Bahrain has reached the top of the Mixed Martial Arts World as the country is now the leader of the IMMAF-WMMAA world rankings, surpassing Kazakhstan,Sweden,Russia and New Zealand.

“We are very happy to see Bahrain on top of IMMAF-WMMAA’s ranking. This confirms we are on the right path in the MMA sport as per the vision engineered to develop it, enabling the Kingdom’s Champions to make honorable results,”HH Shaikh Khalid said.

Around 550 athletes from 60 nations will gather in Bahrain for the IMMAF-WMMAA World Championships, from November 9th to the 16th and his Highness’ vision for the sport will once again be exposed to the entire world as his contributions continue to transform the mixed martial arts world and sports industry as a whole.

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