Spying for Qatar: Court adjourns case to March 1

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Manama : The High Criminal Court yesterday adjourned the hearing of a Qatar spying case against Ali Salman Ali Ahmed, Hassan Ali Jumaa Sultan and Ali Mehdi Ali Al Aswad to March 1.

The Court decided to adjourn the case to present the recorded telephone conversation in which the suspect was a party, and implement the Court’s decision of assigning a member of the Court to hear the statement of a witness who is under protective measures.

The Court, Advocate General Osama Al Oufi said, heard the case in an open session according to the law.

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The first suspect attended the trial accompanied by his lawyers. The Public Prosecution referred them to the Court on charges of exchanging intelligence information with Qatar to carry out hostile acts against Bahrain, undermine its political and economic status as well as its national interest to overthrow the political system.

The defendants were also charged with divulging of defence secrets to a foreign country, accepting money from a foreign country for providing it with military secrets and information about the internal situation of the country, spreading tendentious rumours and fallacies abroad to weaken the financial confidence in the Kingdom.

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Source credit: DT News


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