Staff Threaten Legal Action Against Crackdown On Workplace Affairs At BP

BP’s 90,000 employees, of which 4,500 are senior managers, have been given three months to reveal any affairs.

Previously, they were only obliged to disclose relationships with colleagues if there was a potential conflict of interest, for example if one partner was the manager of the other.

The rules follow the sacking of boss Bernard Looney in December for serious misconduct over his failure fully to disclose his past relationships to the board.

The scandal rocked the 115-year-old company, raising questions not only about Looney’s workplace liaisons but also the company’s culture.

The Irish businessman was stripped of £32 million in pay and bonuses after his dismissal.

Looney was renowned for championing female staff but there were allegations he had promoted women with whom he had previous secret relationships. The policy has been met with uproar. Staff are particularly upset by the retrospective demand for details of relationships as long as three years ago.

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