Stalls and Rides to Delight Fans at Bahrain Formula 1

The Formula 1 event offers fans an unforgettable three-day racing experience.

Upon entering the F1 grounds, visitors are greeted by an array of stalls offering an assortment of sports merchandise.

From t-shirts to caps and shoes, fans can proudly represent their favourite teams by purchasing their desired apparel. Prices range from BD30 to BD70, with one particularly sought-after item being a high-demand hoodie priced at BD50.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, performers in colourful costumes captivate the crowd with their energetic dance routines and melodious singing. Fans have the opportunity to snap selfies with these talented artists, creating lasting memories of their F1 experience.

Thrill-seekers of all ages are in for a treat, as the F1 event features two thrilling rides that have captured the attention of many youngsters. The towering Ferris wheel and exhilarating roller coaster are attracting a significant crowd, offering non-race attendees a chance to enjoy the rides and other entertainment activities.

Special exhibition

In a celebration of Bahrain’s rich heritage and culture, the Ministry of Tourism has curated a special exhibition. Attendees can immerse themselves in the country’s traditions, sampling free kahwa, dates, coffee, and sweets.

Additionally, visitors can witness the art of calligraphy and explore the history of Bahrain through displays showcasing traditional attire worn by Arab men and women, as well as various household items.

With an abundance of stalls and activities to explore, the F1 event promises to be a delightful experience for everyone. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast, a sports merchandise collector, or simply seeking a fun-filled day out, the F1 event has something for everyone.


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