Stampede at Kuwait Mall Halts ‘Shabab Al Bomb’ Promotional Event

A promotional event in Kuwait for the popular series and film ‘Shabab Al Bomb’ ended abruptly on Friday when a stampede and several fainting incidents among attendees prompted organisers to cancel the gathering to prevent further accidents.

The event was held at Marina Crescent Mall and attracted a large crowd, estimated at 20,000. The attendees included many children and teenagers with their parents, who had arrived hours in advance.

The combination of a large audience in an open area and high temperatures contributed to the chaotic situation. As fans crowded near the stage to catch a glimpse of the stars, including the young actor Faisal Al Issa, conditions worsened, leading to some attendees fainting. Ambulances were called to the scene to treat those affected.

Before the main appearances could commence, the event organisers decided to call off the event, leading to widespread disappointment, particularly among those who had travelled long distances to attend. Many attendees expressed dissatisfaction with the event organisers, suggesting that future gatherings should be held in air-conditioned, enclosed spaces more suitable for managing large crowds.


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