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Strict measures for misusing smartphones in Saudi Arabia

The Public Prosecution has warned of stringent penalties for those who misuse mobile phones to harm privacy or inflict damage to the dignity of others including a maximum one-year jail term and fines amounting to SR500,000.

While reviewing the penalties for misusing smartphones in violation of the privacy of others, the Public Prosecution emphasized on Sunday the prohibition of any practices or behaviors involving abuse of others.

The practices violating the privacy of others at workplaces include photography, defaming or harming others, violating public morals, or publishing anything of that sort, using various means of information technologies.

The Public Prosecution pointed out that any person who violates private life by misusing camera phones or the like, or defames and harms others, through various means of information technologies, shall be punished with imprisonment for a period of up to a year and a fine of up to half a million riyals.

“If the offender is a juvenile, he shall be punished according to the penalties prescribed in the Juvenile Law that was approved three years ago.


Saudi Gazette

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