Students’ Mental Health in the Midst of Coronavirus

Along with the development of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak are the psychological issues that go with it. Several studies have found out the heightened prevalence of moderate to severe self-reported depressive and anxious symptoms among the general public; due to effects of uncertainty and health-related fears.

For students, the shift towards online learning has been occasionally difficult and this has manifested itself in different ways for students not only in Bahrain but also the world.

It is possible that one of the main reasons students have struggled to keep up with their school work during the pandemic, was caused by the shift from being in quarantine.

“My anxiety levels increased because my future suddenly seemed so uncertain”, Zayn, a student at RCSI said. “Other than that, the fear of failure academically and socially got more intense. A big part of my student life was the social interactions I get from being around the university campus”, she added.

Some students may be experiencing reduced motivation toward studies because of the increased pressure to learn independently while abandoning their “old lives”.

Meanwhile, the new transition for classes left many students with a lack of motivation that may affect their academic performance throughout the semester.

Aysha has three children – two go to a high school and one in an elementary school in the Kingdom. She said her 9-year-old son used to love to go to school, but now gets overwhelmed with his online assignments. “He refuses to do any of his works instead of trying”, she said.

“At first, it was quite difficult to wake up and attend classes through my laptop only. As someone who’s not used to student-based learning, the transition was hard”, Maria a student at University of Bahrain, explained. “I found it hard to stay motivated therefore I became unproductive”, she added.

“However, I learned to adapt. It’s hard to keep motivated but as long as you remind yourself of your goals as a student, you’ll get through it. I realized that I had all the time and technology to power through this new journey”, Maria said.

Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic has placed an unprecedented burden on the health and wellbeing of the students. People with pre-existing mental health conditions may be particularly vulnerable during the current crisis. If you’re feeling signs of severe anxiety, depression and more, seek help from a professional.


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