Study Reveals Risk of Cardiac Death Tripled for Young Women Following Astrazeneca COVID-19 Vaccination

Authored by Lily Zhou via The Epoch Times

The risk of sudden cardiac death in young women more than tripled following an AstraZeneca COVID-19 shot, according to a study using England’s official data published on Monday. Vahé Nafilyan, senior statistician at the Office for National Statistics (ONS), said researchers found “receiving a first dose of a non-mRNA vaccine was associated with an increased risk of cardiac death in young women.”

There was no evidence that the risk of death in young people increased following vaccination with mRNA shots, such as those produced by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. The ONS compared deaths of people aged between 12 and 29 that occurred within 12 weeks of COVID-19 vaccination—the so-called risk period—to those that occurred at all times after the risk period, to estimate the risk of death following vaccination.

After cross-referencing the deaths with records of COVID-19 vaccination and test results, the ONS said there had been “no significant increase in cardiac or all-cause mortality” within 12 weeks of receiving COVID-19 vaccines. However, a breakdown of data showed that the risk of cardiac death among young women was three times higher in the 12 weeks following any dose of non-mRNA vaccination, compared with the longer-term risk.

When only the first dose was included, young women’s risk of cardiac death became 3.5 times higher within 12 weeks of vaccination. It also said the absolute number of deaths was small. The study also examined the effect of COVID-19 on young people, concluding that a positive test was associated with increased cardiac and all-cause mortality and that the risk was higher in those who were unvaccinated at the time of testing than in those who were vaccinated.

Noting the limitations of the method, the study said some deaths that occurred during the period may not have been registered by the cut-off date because deaths of young people and deaths that occurred soon after COVID-19 vaccination are more likely to be referred to the coroner and “registration delays can be substantial.” Although the subgroup of deaths that occurred in hospitals was not subject to registration delays, sudden cardiac deaths mostly occur outside of hospitals and may not be captured in the data, the paper said.

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