Sultan Haitham pardons 390 inmates on National Day

As Oman gears up to celebrate its 50th National Day today, Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq issued a special pardon to 390 inmates. The news was shared by the Royal Oman Police. This includes 150 foreign inmates as well.

Many commemorative events are being held across the nation, including a month-long Made-in-Oman promotion in all malls and hypermarkets. This move augers well at a time when many Omani youth are turning into entrepreneurs and efforts are on to encourage the youth to take up the role of venture capitalists.

Oman has declared November 25 and 26 as holidays. That makes it a 4-day extended holiday next week. The Sultanate has a tradition of declaring holidays not on the National Day but in the following week.

The special pardon gesture has been trending on social media in Oman with many hailing the gesture. Haider Ali Sultan, who works as a security guard in Muscat Grand Mall, said the special pardon will bring a lot of relief and happiness to the families of those who have been behind the bars. “They too can participate in the festivities with a smiling heart that carries blessings for our Sultan for this kind gesture,” he said.


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