Supermarket Worker Caught While Cheating Customer

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A supermarket worker was caught on camera trying to scam a Saudi citizen.

Sources said a Bahraini man came to help the Saudi national who was asked to buy a packet of cigarettes for a higher price.

The accused asked the Saudi citizen to pay BD3 for the cigarette pack while the actual price was BD2.2.

The Bahraini man who was at the supermarket took a video of the whole incident and questioned the worker for cheating the customer.

“The Saudi national was asked to give BD3 while the actual price of the cigarette pack was BD2.2,” the Bahraini man said in the video.

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According to sources, the supermarket was raided by authorities and was later closed down for the violations.

Reportedly, the shop was selling tobacco products while it was not authorised to do so.

“The incident was investigated and soon the shop was closed down for violations,” the sources added.


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