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Teacher’s Pepper Trick Demonstrates the Importance of Washing Hands

As adults, we know just how important it is to keep washing our hands right now, amid the coronavirus outbreak. While we can tell our little ones to wash theirs, they might not really understand why they’re doing it.

One teacher is working to change this and has come up with a very clever way to show the kids in her class how washing their hands really makes a difference.

Amanda Lorenzo, a pre-kindergarten teacher from Miami shared her trick and it involves pepper.

In a video posted to Instagram, Lorenzo poured ground black pepper into a shallow dish of water. This represented a virus. She then asked one of her students to dip their finger into the “virus water”. She asks the children if the virus moved at all and whether the pepper had moved when the finger was in the dish. They all responded that no, it hadn’t moved.

Lorenzo then asks the child if she can see the pepper/virus on her finger – she says she can. The next step is to dip the finger into soap and wash it.

The little girl then puts her soap covered finger back into the water and the class watches incredulously as the pepper in the dish moves away from her finger.

“Do you see that? You see how important it is to wash our hands,” she tells the class. Alongside the post, she admitted that she’d first seen the trick on TikTok – and it wasn’t actually her idea.


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