The Cullinan Black Badge – A Luxury Penthouse on Wheels

The new Cullinan Black Badge
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Last month we were invited by Euro Motors, the official dealer of Rolls Royce Motors in Bahrain, to drive the new Cullinan Black Badge.

We were among other journalists and there was a small fleet of Cullinans that we drove in convoy from the Four Seasons Bahrain Bay to Bahrain Fort, and back again. It was a short drive designed just to give us a general feel. By sheer coincidence, it was exactly one year to the day that we had test-driven the ‘entry-level’ Cullinan, also at the Four Seasons.

The Black Badge is Rolls Royce’s ‘special’ badge designed particularly with the company’s younger customers in mind. Rolls Royce’s that are so designated are even more posh, stylish, faster… and cost more.

They have extra power and, supposedly, offer even more exclusivity than an ‘ordinary’ Rolls Royce. The Cullinan Black Badge has a darkened grille and Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament with a new high-gloss black chrome chemical finish. The alloy wheels are unique to this trim, and a “Technical Fiber” (a type of carbon fiber) trim comes standard.

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Each of the Cullinans offered to us journalists to drive came with a different color interior. All were extremely bright colors that we wouldn’t normally associate with Rolls Royce’s traditional brand image. The vehicle we drove had bright orange and black leather. Other vehicles had flashes of yellow, blue, and mauve – all with fluffy matching lamb’s wool carpets.

Rolls-Royce’s signature “Starlight Headliner” is built into the roof interior and consists of over a thousand individual fiber optic cables. I’ve visited the Rolls Royce factory at Goodwood in England, and personally witnessed the painstaking handwork involved in producing this. It is customizable so you can, for example, select the star pattern for the day and location you were born, married, or any other day that has personal significance. There’s also a new “shooting star” feature. Press a button and a stream of light shoots across this artificial sky. If you haven’t seen this for yourself and can’t picture what we are even describing it’s understandable and something you maybe need to see with your own eyes.

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Under the bonnet, there’s a huge and powerful 6.7-liter V12 producing 600 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque. This is noticeably more powerful than for non-Black Badge models. The ride was smooth – actually super smooth – at all times.

Rolls-Royce doesn’t specify the time it takes to go from zero to 100 kph, nor its top speed. But trust us, it’s fast.

The Cullinan may be sporty but doesn’t have steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Apparently Rolls Royce believes that to offer them would be inappropriate for such a luxurious vehicle.

If you want to own one of these very special cars, you better have lots of money. Prices in Bahrain start from around BD 170,000 though you can easily pay up to BD 220,000 with added options.

To book a test drive, contact Euro Motors on +973 1775 0750


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