The Dodge Challenger

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This classic muscle car has met its match in petite and pretty Olga Sitinscaiaa.

When asked why she chose a Dodge Challenger over other more “feminine” options, Olga said “The car and I have certain similarities. We are powerful and attractive, strong yet humble. It’s always fun to drive such a car”. She continued “For me a Challenger represents speed, comfort, confidence, elegance and enhanced adrenaline level.  (Its styling is more true to its predecessor than the other muscle cars). I believe all girls are looking for the same but maybe not in cars; driving a car is an everyday experience which is fulfilled with a Challenger. Some girls are into shopping or travelling. I am passionate about cars”.

The Dodge Challenger is a car that has attitude. On the road, its performance and power is unbeatable. It has a built-in 3.6 liter engine, which means it already has ferocious speed. But this is not enough for Olga, she wants to customize her engine to 5.0 liters. She said “Why not? If I can control a 3.6, I can control a 5.0. It’s time for the next level”. When asked what other upgrades/ improvements she wants to make, she said “I want to go for the sound-upgraded exhaust system”.

This full-throttle performance is something you can expect from an American classic. Its size is better suited to cruising or drag-racing or drifting, which incidentally is something Olga is fond of. When pressed about her interesting hobby, she said “I am just a beginner really. For now it’s just more of power sliding but I do have tons of fun doing it and it fuels my adrenaline rush”. The Challenger’s front axle can effectively freewheel, which means when slippage is detected at the rear wheels or the temperature drops below a certain level, a clutch reconnects the front axle; a decidedly good feature to have in a car when drifting is your hobby.

Drives like a dream

We asked Olga how’s it like driving the Dodge in Bahrain which has admittedly tight roads and ever increasing traffic? She said it’s still fine with the 3.6, but will admittedly be a challenge after getting a bigger engine. The Challenger is comfortable and well-trimmed enough for everyday driving. It has normal driving, performance, and track settings. The performance settings are great for cruising around and the daily commute.

Her dream car is of course a Lamborghini, but at the moment Olga is content to drift through the streets of downtown Manama on her Dodge Challenger.


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