The New Porsche 911

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Charlie Cooksey goes to Stuttgart, home of Porsche, to drive his dream car.

The Porsche 911 has always held a special place in my heart. There’s something I find special about it and have done since I was a little boy.

It’s iconic. But I have a confession – I had never actually driven one before. So what better way to be introduced to the car of my dreams than be invited to go to where they are made and drive the very latest model, the eighth generation, on Germany’s world-famous autobahns?

The Porsche 911 was introduced to the world back in 1963 and is generally recognized as being the most commercially successful sports car in the world. It has a reputation as the best value and most practical and reliable sports car that money can buy. A Supercar than can be driven every day.

In Stuttgart I was also able to visit the Porsche factory and museum, leaving me with the impression that the company and all those working in it are justifiably proud of Porsche and its history. I was shown historic cars dating back to the company’s inception, all of them loving maintained.

The 911 has kept its ‘DNA’ probably better than any other car. The shape has deliberately remained recognizable throughout the years. You don’t have to be a car lover to recognize a 911 – everyone recognizes a 911! But, most people couldn’t tell one model from another – a clean 2008 model could for many pass for a 2018 model. And that’s just how Porsche and their loyal customers like it. A new 911 looks very much like an older model… until you go beneath the shell.

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The eight-generations known as the 992 series. It’s slightly longer and wider than the previous generation (20mm and 46 mm respectively). The pop-up rear spoiler is slightly bigger. The gearbox now has eight speeds instead of seven. There are bigger rear wheels – 21”. A new continuous LED rear light strip looks dramatic. And there’s advanced technology LED headlights that allow greater illumination of the road ahead at night without dazzling other drivers.

The body shell is made of mostly lightweight aluminum. And, of course, the wonderfully designed flat-six engine remains at the rear! The engine has been improved and offers even more power than before. All 911s offer zero – 100 kph in under 4 seconds. The interior has been completely revamped, as have the seats to offer even greater comfort. There’s more digital stuff including a bigger touchscreen, permanent connectivity,and lots of apps. A new climate control system offers an optional Ioniser for cleaner air quality inside the car. There’s a choice of 3 sound systems.

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The top system available is the Burmester® with twelve speakers and a total output of 855 watts.

I started my road trip in Stuttgart, and drove to Leipzig, a journey of approximately 500 kilometers. I enjoyed every moment and every kilometer as I hit the autobahn and was able to comfortably and safely travel at speeds of sometimes up to 250 kph. The car will exceed 300 kph if desired but traffic conditions and, to be honest, my own driving capabilities kept me well below this upper limit.

It was an amazing experience to drive this iconic car. It handled brilliantly.

Firm, responsive, refined… just perfect.

And when I put it into Sport/Sport Plus mode it became a monster, albeit a perfectly behaved monster… faster acceleration, sounds louder, handles differently and so on. It’s fascinating how the turn of the drive mode button transforms the car from what you can comfortably drive every day, to a serious sports car. And I have to say, I was incredibly lucky to be able to test it in different environments – from windy Germany country roads to Porsche’s own race track in Leipzig to tight city roads and the new 911 is a smooth and pleasure to drive in all areas. Most certainly on the track – that’s where the real fun is!!


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