The Saudi artist imagining Western pop icons in Bedouin style

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Clad in Bedouin attire from head to toe, “Sheikh” William of Arabia is smiling, seemingly content with having swapped Kensington Palace for a humble tent and camels. Welcome to the world of Saudi digital artist Mohannad Al Osaimi, a Riyadh-based electrical engineer, who describes himself as being “obsessed with Western pop culture.”

“My favorite Western celebrity to depict is Adele, whom I have shown in many designs,” Al Osaimi says. Aside from pop stars, Al Osaimi has given “Saudi” treatments to famous Western movie posters, politicians including American president Donald Trump, and the iconic “Yes we can!” wartime propaganda poster.

“I would get requests from people asking me to sell them high resolution versions of my designs, which they would use to decorate objects,” says Al Osaimi. “I partnered with one of my friends to set up a website that serves as a selling platform for merchandise,” adds Al Osaimi, who maintains his day job with an international corporation in Riyadh.

Source Credit: CNN
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