The Saudi mentality

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When you drive around the roads of Bahrain, and you see cars screeching past with total disregard for road safety, one thought springs to mind–Saudis. Why do Saudis behave this way, especially in other countries? A writer from the Saudi Gazette puts forth some theories.

  1. Many Saudis believe that they belong to the land of Makah and Medina and Prophet Muhammad was initially sent to them. They are right in the sense that Allah has selected them to serve two Holy Mosques but just belonging to any particular area will not guarantee Jannah (Paradise) to anyone. It is good deeds that will earn you Jannah.

2. Saudis have a tendency to believe that everything in the Kingdom belongs to them and expatriates are a burden to the economy of Saudi Arabia. Although the Kingdom was initially built on the backs of immigrants and even today, the Kingdom is run by an expatriate workforce which amounts to 1/3 of the total population. They are employed in all the companies, hospitals, construction sector, education sector, domestic help, and and other sort of jobs that nationals are not willing to do.

These are the reasons posited by the gazeeter. Do you agree?


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