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The self-upgrading imbecile on Gulf Air flight

Some people just don’t know when to stop, like the imbecile who would not take no for an answer as he tried to self-upgrade to business class on Gulf Air flight to Bahrain. Here’s an experience from an avid traveller.

A portrait of stupidity: Self-upgrading on Gulf Air

From Abu Dhabi, my next stop was Bahrain on Gulf Air. I was first onboard when boarding was called and settled into my seat for the short one-hour journey to Bahrain International Airport.

A man sat down behind me wearing a Nike hat.

Presently, a flight attendant came up to him, holding a manifest.

Flight Attendant: Sir, do you have a boarding pass?

Man: No.

Flight Attendant: We don’t have anyone listed for this seat. Are you sure you are in the right seat?

Man: Yes.

Flight Attendant: Sir, I need to see your boarding pass.

Man: I don’t have one.

Flight Attendant: Sir, what is your name?

Man provided his name

Flight Attendant: Sir, you are in row 10. Your seat is back here (motioning toward the back)

Man: No, I’ll stay here.

Flight Attendant: Sir, this is business class.

Man: I want to stay here. Come on.

Flight Attendant: Sir, I’m afraid you’ll have to go to your own seat.

Man: No, I’m staying here.

Flight Attendant: Sir, you must take your assigned seat.

Man: No. They told me I could have this seat.

Flight Attendant: Who told you?

Man: The gate agent.

Flight Attendant: Let me get the gate agent for you.

Rather than the gate agent, a supervisor boarded. He told the man to move back to his seat. The man again refused.

A long argument went on…back and forth with the same nonsense as above.

Finally, the passenger got the ultimatum.

Supervisor: Sir, move back to your seat or you will be removed form the flight.

That finally got the man to move, though he loudly shook his head and cursed while doing so, even vowing never to fly Gulf again.

I’ve seen self-upgrading before, but never an argument go this long (and frankly never an airline so patient with a muttonhead like that).

To the man: shame on you, punk. What makes you think that by acting like self-entitled, stubborn fool you’ll get what you want?

To Gulf: kudos for being patient, though my patience would have expired long before yours.


Some people act so stupidly in such a bold way. I was afraid at one point they were just going to let him sit there since it was only an hour flight and the cabin was half full. Thankfully, they held their ground and the idiot did not try to return to business class after takeoff.



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