“The Sh*t Is Going To Hit The Fan On Monday”: DC In Turmoil As Biden Says Only ‘Act Of God’ Will Dislodge Him

After years of feigned outrage every time conservative media mentioned Biden’s obvious mental decline, the Democratic party is in complete disarray just four months before the election following last month’s disastrous debate against an uncharacteristically quiet Donald Trump.

On one hand, the Bidens now say it will take an ‘act of God‘ (so, the CIA) to remove him from the race.

On the other hand, seven major news organizations have staged a mockingbirdian PR coup against the man for whom they’ve spent five years running cover.

Of course, if they really want to twist the knife…

According to Axios, “outside Biden’s protective bubble, a fast-growing number of Democrats are praying for —and plotting — a more earthly intervention. They want everyone from the Obamas to congressional leaders to beg Biden to drop out by this Friday.

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