Thieves In Seattle Targeting EV Charging Stations Has Reached “Epidemic Proportions”

Over the past 12 months, thieves in the Seattle metro area have stolen over 100 electric vehicle charging cables, driven mostly by soaring copper scrap prices. This is incredibly frustrating for EV owners who arrive at these charging stations only to find severed cords and unable to charge.

In the last 12 months alone, thieves have stolen at least 100 EV charging cables across the city in pursuit of the small amounts of copper within that can be sold as scrap.

The thefts are particularly painful for drivers who lack home chargers and are left scrambling to find a way to juice up their vehicles. -GeekWire

“It’s a serious and frustrating problem around Seattle,” said resident Elaine Wong, who entirely relies on public charging stations.

In one year, Electrify America reported that 93 cables had been cut across its charging network in Washington.  

Wong pointed out that she had not been to an Electrify America station in months. Some EV owners on the social media platform Nextdoor have complained they have had to travel as far north as Everett to find a working station.

“Cable theft from public chargers has been an issue in this area for over a decade, but has reached epidemic proportions in the last couple of years,” said Jay Donnaway, president of the Seattle EV Association. 

Donnaway said the cable problem appears to be much worse on the West Coast than elsewhere. 

Last week, half of the cables at an EVgo station outside the QFC in Ballard were cut. Thieves have also hit other charging stations across other Washington cities in recent months.

Many of these criminals have only been emboldened to steal because progressive cities are failing to enforce common-sense law and order.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, thieves targeted a Tesla Supercharger earlier this year, leaving drivers without the means to charge. 

Thieves have also targeted catalytic converters on vehicles, copper wire and pipe, light poles, and anything containing base metals.


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