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This Woman Biker From Chennai Has Travelled 9000 KM in India, and Is Now Planning a Saudi Trip!

Reshma Kasim Noor from Chennai is breaking all stereotypes and riding on her classic 350 bike against all odds. Famous as Nomadic Hijabi Rider, Reshma has already travelled 9000 km across India and now plans to do a Saudi Arabia trip on her bike.

A lone woman on her bike embarking on a breathtaking sojourn, Reshma’s is a tale of passion, courage and what independence means. She pursued her dreams of covering the length and breadth of India—a journey that’s not just about covering kilometres but is about discovering herself.

Her solo ride dream began in Bengaluru. It was from this vibrant city that she ventured into the heart of Karnataka, went on discovering the beauty of Maharashtra, and traversed through the busy streets of Pune. She then touched the scenic shores of Daman and Diu.

Reshma also ventured into Gujarat and cruised through the historical streets of Bihar. She then took her bike to chaotic Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. But she didn’t stop here and went on exploring the enchanting landscapes of Nepal.

This woman biker from Chennai has travelled 9000 km in India, and is now planning a Saudi trip!Photo courtesy: reshunoor/Instagram This was over 9,000 km covered on her motorbike!

It’s not just the journey but the experience that set Reshma’s travel apart. She did not stay at deluxe hotels or resorts but tried finding shelter in the most unconventional places like cosy tents under the night sky and locals’ homes.

Sometimes, she’d rest at gurudwaras and petrol bunks. Her journey was a courageous one and her mission is to encourage other women to be financially independent.

Next on her route is a journey from Chennai to Saudi bike ride.Here’s wishing her all the best.


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