Thorough Security: G4S – World’s leading global integrated security company

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G4S, the world’s leading global integrated security company, leaves nothing unattended when providing their services to customers across numerous countries over six continents.

“I’m truly impressed with the G4S Bahrain team, from the image of the security personnel representing the brand; to the management team running the dayto- day operations; and to the leadership organisation led by Atanu Sanyal.” comments Mr. Shapiro, Executive Vice President-Global Sales and Strategic Accounts of ME&I during the ASIS Middle East 2017 conference where G4S sponsored its on-site security. ASIS Middle East 2017 and World Islamic Banking Conference 2017 (WIBC2017) are two of G4S’ most recent events they have participated within Bahrain.

WIBC2017, supported by the Central Bank of Bahrain, conference theme “Drivers of Economic Growth & Risks: Policymakers & Regulators” was highlighted by G4S’ integrated solutions for the finance and banking industry. G4S provides manned security for conferences, private gatherings, graduation, and fairs. Their capacity for both services and customer population, however, is not reflected wholly by event security.

Their security solutions include manned security, integration, supply, installation and maintenance of various electronic security systems ranging from CCTV to retail solution such as Electronic Article Surveillance which is a technological method for preventing shoplifting from retail stores, pilferage of books from libraries or removal of properties from office buildings. They also offer Cash Solutions where they collect valuables (e.g. cash, cheques, documents, data tapes, etc.) from customer’s premises and deliver to customer’s designated bank or delivery point, thus avoiding risk of theft or losses from handling large amounts of money (e.g. tuition fees) or other valuables. This is an incredible solution offered, perfect for universities and offices with a lot of physical and electronic documents stored.

They cater to schools, universities, public, private entities and major corporates in any sectors. In the global scene, G4S acquires major US retail contracts and just passed their hundredth cash technology milestone in the Asia Pacific. Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) estate of over 700 properties in England, Wales, and Scotland will be provided integrated security by G4S. In India, they have just launched a transportation initiative, SafeGo, aimed to provide safe and low cost transport for India’s transforming workforce.

One of their more impressive projects is the security upgrade of Yale University’s, one of the world’s best known and oldest Ivy League institution with 350 main campus buildings. It consisted of area, employee, student, guest, library, finances, and on-site security. The AMAG integration, an all-inclusive flexible security platform, was highly praised by the Yale’s security team for being cost-effective and listened to their specific needs. The whole ordeal was said to have been carried out almost unnoticed by Yale’s vast population of student and employees, a fitting testament to G4S’ ability in providing excellent services.

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