Thousands of Omanis benefit from fuel subsidy scheme

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More than 19,000 Omani citizens have so far benefited from the national fuel subsidy programme, Watan newspaper reported.

“A total of 19,202 citizens have used their subsidy cards to refuel their vehicles over the first two days since the scheme took effect,” said officials in charge of the programme on its official twitter account.

According to statistics, 35.23 per cent of Omanis who used their fuel subsidy cards live in North and South Al Batina governorates, followed by Muscat 21.86pc.

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A total of 183,000 citizens have registered in the subsidy programme, making up 49pc of the overall number of eligible Omanis.

Under the programme, eligible citizens buy fuel M91 at the government-subsidised price of 180 baisais per litre, on the condition that they do not exceed 200 litres monthly as indicated in the card.

Source Credit: Gulf Daily Mail


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