Thousands of Saudi women apply for workplace support programmes

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More than 8,000 Saudi women have applied for support programmes designed to help women employed in the kingdom’s private sector, according to local media.

During the course of six weeks, 8,568 women applied for the childcare and transportation programmes reports Saudi Gazette, citing the spokesman of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Khaled Aba Al Khail.

The Wusool programme for transportation received 5,066 applications, while the Qurrah programme for childcare received 3,502 application, said Al Khail, who is also the spokesman of the Human Resources Development Fund.

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Covering the whole country, Wusool aims to help women overcome the challenges of commuting to and from their workplace, providing them with high-quality transport services. Qurrah, meanwhile, aims to increase the participation of Saudi women in the labour market by offering childcare services, and improving childcare facilities.

Source Credit: Gulf Business

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