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Tips for buying an apartment as an investment in Bahrain

Rushing in without considering all the elements at play can steer you towards a bad investment.

Investing in real estate can offer greater diversification to your portfolio, lower risks, and better returns, under the right conditions. Here are some tips for buying an apartment as an investment and why Kazerooni Heights, Amwaj could be a good option.

Research your options

There are several options for investments in the market, some offer a guaranteed good-value return such as those offered at Kazerooni Heights:

  • Invest for 5 Years and get a guaranteed 8% Return
  • Buy-Back Option with a guaranteed 6.5% Return on Investment for 5 Years

Consider your locations

One of the most important factors to consider when investing in real estate is the location. The neighbourhood status and easy access to amenities and facilities play a large role in determining whether a property is worth investing in.

Kazerooni Heights’ amenities include a rooftop temperature-controlled pool, steam and sauna facilities, BBQ facility with dining room at the pool deck, and a state-of-the-art gym. It is also within walking distance from the Lagoon, which offers a variety cafes, restaurants, and retail stores.

Inspect before buying

Before making any kind of purchase, we normally do an overall inspection to ensure that we are getting the best quality of product. This goes for residential purchases as well.

What sets Kazerooni Heights apart is their quality construction and attention to detail. Each apartment is fitted with high-quality equipment and finished to the highest standards – ensuring quality starting from the building materials down to the most minute detail.

Research your developer

Choosing the right developer is vital to maximise the benefits of your investment and rest assured that you are getting the best quality for the best value.

The Kazerooni Group has made its mark in Bahrain’s market and has built a solid reputation, being widely known for their quality, international-grade projects and services for great value since 1973. Each property is built and designed as if they were building their own home.

Providing hassle free investments to their clients, apartments will be handled by the developer – meaning that you won’t need to worry about finding a tenant. In addition, all service charges and maintenance expenses will be covered by the developer when choosing throughout the 5-year investment period.

Price versus size

Another important factor to consider when looking for an apartment is the size. Some properties offer regular-sized apartments at an overly priced rate, which could be disadvantageous in the long-run.

Kazerooni Heights offers ideal values for price per square meter and a variety of apartment size options – all designed with livability and guaranteed to generate high returns on investment:

  • One-bedroom suite
  • Two-bedroom suite with optional maids’ quarters
  • Three-bedroom suite with maids’ quarters
  • Three-bedroom suite duplex with maids’ quarters

For more details about the ownership and investment options, visit Kazerooni Heights’ website or call +973 3977 0009.


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