Toddler’s ‘Modern Art’ Paintings Sell For Thousands

The Times reports that Laurent Schwarz’s portraits of elephants, horses and dinosaurs “would not look out of place in modern art galleries in Munich or Berlin.”

The boy’s mother uploaded some photos of the paintings to social media, and soon enough ‘collectors’ were bidding thousands of Euros for them at Munich’s biggest art fair, ART MUC.

The report also notes that “A New York gallery has contacted the family offering to put Laurent’s work on display.”

His mother states “They’re abstracts and what’s unusual is how he integrates discernible figures into them, which people often mention to us and which makes them so popular,”

Yeah ok. Good lad, but they do just kinda look more like random paint slapping by a toddler:

Do the people buying these paintings know that they are purchasing the dawbings of a child who cannot talk yet?

This story is entirely plausible because much of so called ‘modern art’ frankly looks like it has been made by toddlers.

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