Top 5 Reasons to Visit Dubai Safari

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As visitors and residents make the most of the outdoor season in the UAE, Dubai Safari invites guests to spend an unforgettable weekend at the new attraction that is home to the largest and most diverse array of animals in the country.

From enjoying a closer look at more than 250 species and gaining a deeper appreciation of wildlife diversity to creating happy memories of a unique family adventure – every trip to Dubai Safari promises an enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages.

Here, we highlight five reasons why Dubai Safari should top your list of weekend plans: 

1. Watch wildlife up-close at the UAE’s largest drive-through animal exhibits

Enjoy a ride through the enchanting Safari Village in a comfortable bus, as you discover wildlife in their natural behaviors. Find predatory cats relaxing against cooling rocks at the UAE’s only drive-through tiger exhibits, or Nile crocodiles lazing in the sun at the world’s first drive-through crocodile exhibit. Meet the king of the jungle at the UAE’s largest drive-through lion exhibit, or find hippos making a splash in the water at the UAE’s only drive-through hippo exhibit. Along the way, say hello to the UAE’s largest troop of baboons and other members of the Dubai Safari family, including giraffes, zebras, peacocks, antelopes, and many more. At the African Village, step into a fascinating world of birds, as you enter the UAE’s largest walk-through aviary, and don’t forget to catch at a glimpse of the moon bear when stopping by the Asian Village.

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2. Meet a diverse mix of Arabian, African and Asian animals in one place

Come face-to-face with alluring desert animals such as the UAE’s national animal Arabian oryx, in addition to the gazelle, ibex, Arabian wolf, ostrich, saiga antelope and mouflon at the Arabian Village. Watch gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, lemurs, the pygmy hippo, mandrill, duiker, okapi, bongo, African lions, and greater and lesser flamingos monkeying around at the park’s African Village. Discover a treasure of rare Asian species at the Asian Village, including the Indian one-horned rhino, moon bears and gibbons.

3. Snake along at the Reptile House

A visit to Dubai Safari is incomplete without a stopover at the Reptile House located in the African Village. Learn about a wide variety of poisonous, non-poisonous, and endangered species of snakes, lizards, vipers and pythons, including the desert monitor, false-horned viper and Oman carpet viper, and many others.

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4. Enjoy family moments with your children at the Kids Farm

Young animal-lovers can look forward to petting their favorite domestic animals at the Kids Farm, which offers an excellent learning environment for the little ones, as they enjoy playtime with ponies, goats, rabbits, turtles and more. A dedicated and friendly staff closely monitors their interaction with these kids-friendly animals to ensure a safe experience for the whole family.

5. Enjoy a picnic with friends at the Wadi Area

Visitors looking to catch up with friends and family can host a fun-filled picnic at Dubai Safari’s Al Wadi Area – a large stretch of green space offering a safe and relaxing atmosphere for the kids to run around while parents relax in the open field filled with soothing sounds of flowing water. A variety of food trucks dotting the whole park offer ample choice in refreshments and light bites to fuel the experience.

Located in Al Warqaa 5 district across Dubai’s Dragon Mart off the Dubai-Hatta Highway. Dubai Safari is open daily from 9am to 7pm daily including weekends.

Source Credit: Albawaba Business


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