Torrential Downpour Unearths Iraqi Mines In Kuwait

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Torrential downpour in Kuwait this month has uncovered 48 landmines in the country’s desert — presumed remnants of the 1991 Gulf War.

Complaints were filed to the Ministry of Interior by residents of Al Jahra, a large neighbourhood west of Kuwait City, claiming to have found odd objects in the desert.

The reports that prompted the ministry to launch an investigation has led to a demining operation in which 48 explosive devices were found and deactivated, said the ministry.

Kuwait experienced more rain in the last two weeks than it has since records began. By some estimates, there were 25cms of rain over four days, more precipitation than the country receives on average in one year.

Many new areas in Kuwait flooded heavily, causing 100 million Kuwait dinars (Dh1.2 billion) in damages, killing one and prompting the government to take extreme measures.

The Cabinet of Ministers suspended work and schools for three days. Kuwait’s stock market closed last week, and the Minister of Public Works, Hussam Al Roumi, resigned.


Iraqi soldiers cross a highway carrying white surrender flags 25 February 1991 in Kuwait City


Source Credit: The National




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