Are tourists visiting the UAE exempt from traffic fines?

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A card with a Dubai Police logo has gone viral on social media, saying that tourists and visitors who flout traffic rules could be let off

The card, which was circulated in social media, read as follows: “Dear driver, as you are a guest in the UAE and came on visit visa to Dubai, you are welcomed and we wish you a good stay. We are sorry to inform you that you are caught by radars as you did not abide by traffic law. Despite that, we will not issue you a traffic fine. We do not want to issue a  fine to you, but our goal is your safety.”
Major-General Mohamed Saif Al Zafeen, Head of the Traffic Prosecution Council and Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the D  ubai Police for Operations Affairs, said that the Dubai Police did not circulate the card that had a Dubai Police logo on it.

“A few years ago, the Dubai Traffic Department had exempted tourists who commit minor traffic violations from paying fines to make them happy. However, the Dubai Police have not taken any such decision recently and it is just a rumour. If there is any such decision, that will be announced by the Dubai Police through its official channels.” (Source credit – Khaleej Times)



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