Traffic chief fines ‘unapologetic’ Dubai motorist

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The chairman of the Federal Traffic Council fined a woman for dangerously overtaking other vehicles after she defied him when he warned her to abide by traffic rules.

The woman was overtaking from the right side at a busy intersection in Dubai when Maj Gen Mohammed Al Zafeen, who is also assistant commander-in-chief at Dubai Police, confronted her.

“I was driving my car at the Al Wasl-Al Oruba intersection last week. Like other motorists, I committed to the right lane to exit from the road through the intersection,” he said.

“But I was surprised to see a car in front of me blocking traffic because its driver wanted to overtake other vehicles.

“I looked at the car to see a European woman. I told her I am a Dubai Police officer and she should abide by traffic rules, otherwise she will be fined.

“She did not listen or apologise and contended to overtake wrongly. I had no other choice but to fine her for violating laws.”

Failing to follow “lane discipline” is a major disturbance on the roads, said Maj Gen Al Zafeen, and police have installed electronic surveillance in many intersections, as well as a new type of radar to catch drivers who violate the rules. (Source credit – The National)


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