Oman: Traffic Light System To Take Control Of Expat Hiring

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A new online system, currently being rolled out by Oman’s Ministry of Manpower, will know instantly whether firms hire enough citizens, according to media reports.

According to the Times of Oman, the traffic light signal-inspired system will give employers a “green light” for expat hires, or a “red light” to inform them that they need to hire more Omani nationals.

A yellow signal will be used for companies that have an unclear Omanisation policy that requires clarification with the Ministry of Manpower.

“The new system focuses on enhancing Omanisation rates in the private establishments,” the newspaper quoted a Ministry spokesperson as saying. “The system depends on the Omanisation index of private establishments. If they achieve the maximum Omanisation rate, the license application will go directly to the accreditation stage.”

Data from Oman’s National Centre of Statistics and Information (NCSI) shows that the Omanisation rate of the construction sector stood at 8.2% at the end of 2017, compared to 13% in automotive sale and repairs, 80.6% for oil and gas companies, 67.7% for insurance and financial services, 75.9% in communications, and 93.1% in commercial banks.

Source Credit: Arabian Business


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