International transit passenger jailed in Dubai on false accusation

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A BRITISH airline passenger en route from London to Johannesbury claims she was arrested in Dubai after cabin crew on her Emirates flight accused her of taking cocaine on the plane.

Caren Harmon, 43, was traveling on May 9 when she says she was flagged to police at Dubai International Airport after being spotted “sniffing and touching her nose” on board.


The 43-year-old says she was forced to give a blood test after cabin crew thought she had taken cocaine

The Daily Mail reports she was then detained for over three hours, as officers searched her baggage and forced her to give a blood test – an ordeal which caused her to miss her connecting flight.


Miss Harmon, who lives in London, told the Mail: “The only explanation they gave me was that I was seen looking through my bag, sniffing my nose and touching my nose, which is quite normal on a long flight with air conditioning.

“They implied to the police that I had been taking cocaine, as if I would do something like that. I was terrified.”

She claims the fact she was looking through her bag was also identified as suspicious


and added she was not warned about what was happening – and even when her blood test came back negative, was threatened with jail for having prescription anti-anxiety medicine alprazolam on the flight.

She said: “They said if you don’t have a prescription and have pills you can go to jail for up to six years.

“I was horrified and started freaking out. I thought I would go to jail over a sleeping pill. After everything else I had just been through.


After three-and-a-half hours, Miss Harmon said she was made to sign an untranslated Arabic document before she caught another flight free of charge.

She said: “I upgraded myself to business class using my air miles for the next flight.

“I just couldn’t face being around people in the state I was in.”


An Emirates spokeswoman confirmed to the Mail that a passenger on flight EK0010 from Gatwick to Dubai on May 9 was detained in Dubai.




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