Travel: 80% Saudis Cancel Travel Plans To Turkey This Summer

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A large number of Saudi nationals have canceled their travel plans to Turkey where they planned to spend the summer vacation due to deteriorating security and economic conditions in the country.

Some travel agencies estimated the number of Saudis who canceled their reservations to Turkish destinations at about 80 percent.

The travel agents said the Saudis were now changing their destinations to more stable countries including Bosnia, Poland, Croatia where Saudi tourists would be safe and well treated.

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They said the Saudis changed their travel plans to Turkey because of the deteriorating economic and security conditions in the country, as well as the disappearance of a number of Saudi and GCC tourists while visiting Turkish cities.

Hit hard by the spate of cancellations, turkey sent a number of delegations to the Kingdom with a view to convincing Saudis to visit their country during the summer school break by offering attractive travel packages.

The travel agents revealed that it was not a good time to travel to Turkey because of numerous cases of kidnapping, theft, disappearance and attacks against Saudis.

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Saudi columnists and writers have been warning Saudis against traveling to Turkey in view of the current developments.


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