Travel: Flydubai To Seek Compensation From Boeing

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Flydubai to seek compensation from Boeing after being forced to ground its current fleet of 737-Max aircraft, said the airline chairman Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

Following the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft in March, Flydubai grounded its current fleet of 13 737s as a precautionary measure which in turn led to the airline canceling up to 15 flights each day.

“I have to ask. It is my right,” he said. “I didn’t ground those aircraft just because I wanted to. Even If I wanted to fly this aircraft, I won’t be able because nobody will allow it to fly within their airspace, “said the chairman.

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Additionally the airline is now exploring the option of modifying its November 2017 order to purchase 225 737 Max aircraft from Boeing in a deal valued at $27 billion, and instead may turn to Airbus aircraft such as the A320Neo.

“I have to see when this aircraft will be flying again and what assurances I’ll be getting, and how much I’ll be getting compensated for what’s happened since the incident,” he added.

Additionally, Sheikh Ahmed said he believes that communications between Flydubai and Boeing “could be better” in the wake of the incident to ensure the continued growth of Flydubai.

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Specifically, Sheikh Ahmed said he hopes for more clarity from Boeing on when the 737 Max would be flyable again, the reprogramming of its anti-stall system and other new measures, and what additional training could be necessary for going forward.


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